Have you always wanted to try a tri?

Starting at just $9.99


If you can swim a lap of a pool and bike for 30 minutes, you can do a triathlon.

In this 6 week training plan, you will have a done-for-you schedule of what to train when, and for how long. You get 24-7 access to a coach who will be there to answer your questions and guide you along your fitness journey in a way that will make you love this multi-disciplinary sport!

You get a 6 week training plan that you do on your time, plus weekly check-ins from Caroline (and any day or night email, text for questions or support) plus 4 meet-ups with the following events:

Open water swim practice

1 brick of running and biking

1 session on transitions

1 mini tri before race day

You will also have a consultation with Caroline to define areas of strength vs areas that need work.