Fit Camp: outdoor workouts

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Fit Camp!

Because of the demand for group outdoor programs in the evening, I wanted to make something that built on the camaraderie we had from Run Club but bring in strength training elements that have been proven winners from outdoor bootcamps. The summer is just getting going so let's get out there together and move! (maintaining distance

  • We will be doing some run skills and drills: hills, speed intervals,... which are suitable for seasoned runner to newbie.
  • All strength training sessions are designed with all fitness levels in mind.
  • Our evenings are non-competitive, and are designed to help improve overall performance in daily life, decrease injury, and help with good form/posture and HAVING FUN!

The next session will start July 6th, every Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6:30 or 7:30pm for 6 weeks.

We will be using several different locations depending on the focus that week.

**I am asking participants to bring their own resistance band and mat/towel to decrease touching**

All this for $144+tax!

Starting July 6th for 6 weeks

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Let's do this!!!!

"Caroline I need to tell you that this program has changed my life!!

7 weeks ago I had for make myself get up off the couch and put the bag of potato chips down.

Now, I making running a priority. I can’t wait to get out for my daily run. So much so, I just ran in the rain and it felt great!!

I no longer have cravings and eat way healthier and with appropriate size portions.

I have lost a total of 16lbs since starting this program, no where’s near where I want to be; but I am over half way to my person goal of 30lbs.

If I can do it, so can you!

Keep pushing.

I feel amazing!!

Thank you 😘❤️" - Amanda

"I love the feeling of having accomplished something I didn’t ever think I could. I was never a runner (I was a multi-sport athlete but never a runner). It’s still amazing to me that in my 30s I can now do what I never thought I could at 17. I still hate it while I’m doing it, but feel so good about myself when I’m done! The runners high is real!!" - Kathryn