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Strength circuit for Moms with babies

Starting at just $9.99


The 10:45 class is SOLD OUT! See below for a 9:30 option...

Come for indoor strength and functional training!

Come and get a great work-out with you and your baby (pre-crawling age ideal) at Rothesay Training and Athletics with Trainer Caroline - certified Fitness Instructor and Pre and Postnatal fitness specialist.

These work-outs use are suitable for everybody, using state-of-the-art equipment to build strong bodies after pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Non-competitive, fun, and inclusive. Work-outs are 30+ mins with a comprehensive warm-up, cool down.

This NEW YEAR session is 6 weeks starting January 9th, every

Monday and Friday @ 10:45-11:45


Sign up below!

Gym is located 83 Hampton Rd in the strip mall with Pomodoris

Free Parking


"I participated in stroller fit on both my mat leaves. Caroline is welcoming, accepting and fosters an environment where you can be a mom, be strong, be a support, get support and have fun all in the same class. The strength gained, both physical and emotional, after having a baby is so beneficial. I made some friendships that have lasted for years and am so glad that I took this class." ~J. mother of 2


"Strollerfit is not only a great workout but a great way to connect with other moms. Caroline is a positive role model who focuses on strength and being fit rather than being skinny or losing weight. I highly recommend strollerfit to all moms" - Ciara V.

"Caroline is so welcoming and encouraging. I met my closest mom friends at Strollerfit after the birth of my first baby 5 years ago. I still see those moms at least once a week and they support me through each stage of motherhood.

AND you don't need to shower or put on real pants to show-up!" - Susan B. Mom of 3