Make time for YOU, October 26!

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I see you there-, juggling the balls of parenthood, trying to do your best, sleep deprived, putting your family's needs before yours...

It is taxing. You need a break. A teensy slice of time away to relax, go to the bathroom on your own, not answer a million questions, and get a quiet, uninterrupted night of sleep.

This recharge time is essential for self-preservation! Take time to be solo, or bring a friend to connect with, or enjoy a glass of wine with like-minded women.

Enjoy nature and the fulfilling feeling of hiking to a peak for beautiful views, having dinner prepared for you (no dishes, yay!), with the option of enjoying a drink. Hot tub time? Don't mind if do!

Sleep in as long as you want, then, after breakfasting, come for some stretching/foam-rolling, and...... the massage chair (whom I like to call Claudio)- this bad boy is top grade- a step above the mall massage chairs.

Then, return home to your adoring family and see that your partner can do bedtime by themselves after all.

What to expect:

Start your afternoon with the option of:

  •   A guided hike to Chamcook Mountain top in St. Andrews (about an hour up and back), or

We will then meet at Dominion Hill Inn (just outside St. Andrews, tucked away in a secluded location) to freshen up and relax before we dine on a home-made nourishing dinner prepared especially for us by the owners. After dinner you can shut yourself away for some reading, movie-watching, early bedtime, or have a little social time in the comfortable "great room". Outdoor hot tub time available all evening.

After a refreshing night of sleep, you have the option of joining a yoga class at 9am and "Claudio" the massage chair will be happy to take care of you at any time during your stay.

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Tentative Schedule of Events

Saturday May 4th: 2:30pm- Hike or outdoor Spa                                                       Sunday May 5th: 9am Yoga/foam rolling/massage chair

4pm meet at the Inn                                                                                                                              8:30 to 10:30- Breakfast (included)

6pm Dinner (included) - drinks extra cost.                                                                                                                                         11:30 - Departure

Social or free time following dinner.

"This Inn is sparkling clean, and the service goes over and above."

"I soooo needed that getaway, thank you so much!" - Monica

"Omg so amazing!!!! We had a great time and that game was kick ass!! As were the 2 and hot tub! Merci caroline and I look forward to our paths crossing again!  -"Jill"