This December, take care of YOU!

Starting at just $9.99


Have you ever felt "off the rails" by the end of December?

This December, we can do better.

Have you ever felt emptied out by the act of shopping for others? Baking for hours? Wrapping presents in the wee hours? All the while putting your fitness on the back-burner? "No problem, I will start again in January". And then a little bit of resentment and self-loathing sets in? This is not a healthy combination.

This year, I am proposing you make time for your health by joining this amazing group that will guarantee to motivate and guide you through the Season and keep your fitness as part of your schedule. Do you already go to a gym? No problem, this is still for you for the group and personal accountability alone, but you also get *doable and express work-outs* provided to you on a handy printable calendar, as well as access to me, your coach and motivator, so there's a guarantee you'll find your way through the month. I will send weekly check-ins by email to help keep you "on the rails" and there will be WEEKLY PRIZE DRAWS for work-outs completed.

December is about get-togethers and special treats and indulgences, so there will be no meal-plans here. Tips to help you feel your best while navigating the holidays? YES!​ Group accountability to keep you on track? YES! Weekly emails for guidance and prize draws for motivation? YES! Doable and Quick work-outs with variety and accommodating all fitness levels? YES!

Online programs like this cost upwards of $160. I want to make this accessible and budget friendly. I want everyone and everyBODY to be able to be part of this great program to feel the joy of fitness. I have put together my favorite moves and created videos for you to do in your home or any small space, while travelling, or in a hotel room. The calendar will consist of a mix of express work-outs with a focus on strength training (the most bang for the buck), core and cardio, as well as weekly suggestions and challenges for getting outside, getting moving, and getting sh*t done! Rest days are an important part of fitness and I incorporate some restorative options also.

This year, let's STAY FIT and STAY SANE together! Invest in your health and fitness and you will have more of you to give to others over the holidays, because that is what really counts, isn't it? All this for $59+tax.

Invest in yo'self!

Be part of this group and enjoy the feeling of being in control of your fitness and staying sane over the holidays.
stay fit stay sane

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