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Triathlon practice session #1: OPEN WATER SWIMMING

Triathlons are for everyBODY, so if you have been thinking about it, sign up!

What is a Gremlin, you say?

Gremlins are the little fears that creep into our minds that can hold us back from doing our best.

What are your gremlins? Do you have a fear of losing your breath while swimming in cold water? Do you worry about swimming in large groups? Does open water give you the willies?!

In this work-shop we are going to attack those gremlins by practicing open water swimming in a non-competetive, encouraging environment.

Items to attack:

  • Beach start vs water start
  • Wetsuit donning/doffing (tips and tricks) and timing of swim with and/or without wetsuit.
  • Swimming in close proximity to others
  • Drafting and passing
  • Sighting of buoys
  • Exiting and prep for transition

Come and get some swim practice in, learn a few tricks, meet other people who do this sport. Even if you are still in "contemplative" mode, this is for you! No wetsuit required.

Open Water Work-shop

June 16 3:30pm Rockwood park TAXES ARE INCLUDED

June 2nd open water